Handmade Felted Scarves & Shawls................. 100% Eco-Friendly



My name is Anna Kantorysinska. I am a professional fashion designer since 1982. I participated in 29 fashion shows. Lately I fell in love with felt. I create 100% eco-friendly, handmade felted scarves and felted shawls. You haven’t seen anything like this before!



My latest PHOTO SHOOT!


I can offer you handmade scarves and handmade shawls with dreadlocks below (my original idea), classic felted scarves, triangular felted shawls and felted scarves and nuno felted silk scarves


Below I present you felted scarves and shawls with dreadlocks. These handmade scarves have dark nature. I call them cookie monsters. They are fantastic in solving the problem: I don’t know what to wear. They are large, lasting and dangerous, but at the same time amazingly soft and delicate. You can wear them in 1000 ways. They are also great as a gift.